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Nintendo DSi

$170.00 Released April, 2009

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Thinner/lighter form factor over DS Lite. Larger screen than DS Lite. Built-in web browser.

The Cons:Removed GBA slot which eliminating compatibility with games such as Guitar Hero. Graphics power still lacking compared to PSP and modern smart-phones. Only 0.3 megapixel camera...really?

Released in North America on April 5th, 2009 the Nintendo DSi is an update to the phenomenally successful Nintendo DS system. The DSi is a more streamlined and enhanced version of the DS instead of a completely new handheld.

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Product Shot 2 Maintaining the same dual-screen setup the DSi increases the size of each individual screen while decreasing the overall weight of the unit and making it thinner than the DS Lite. Furthermore Nintendo has added a few new features to make it more competitive including a camera, built-in web-browser, and built-in audio decoding capabilities. Nintendo is also emphasizing digital distribution with the DSi as games can be purchased with Nintendo points and stored on SD cards. Not all DS Lite functions have been transferred over as the GBA expansion slot is completely removed eliminating compatibility with certain DS titles such as Guitar Hero On Tour that use the expansion slot for a peripheral. 


  • 0.3MP camera
  • Built-in audio decoding capabilities (AAC format for now)
  • Official web-browser
  • Thinner and lighter than DS Lite
  • Larger screens than DS Lite
  • MSRP: $169.99

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  • 14

    Thinner/lighter form factor over DS Lite

  • 12

    Larger screen than DS Lite

  • 12

    Built-in web browser

  • 10

    Still plays the vast majority of the thousands of original Nintendo DS games

  • 10

    Built-in programs such as audio and camera tools

  • 8

    Built-in audio decoding

  • 8

    Two cameras - one facing you, and one facing out

  • 7

    Digital distribution makes buying games easier than going to the store

  • 7

    Virtual marketplace (DSiWare) lowers the barrier to entry for smaller developers

  • 6

    Adds a 0.3 megapixel camera

  • 1

    All of the colors

  • 1

    Send pictures to Facebook, altered or not

  • 9

    Removed GBA slot which eliminating compatibility with games such as Guitar Hero

  • 9

    Graphics power still lacking compared to PSP and modern smart-phones

  • 7

    Only 0.3 megapixel camera...really?

  • 3

    only plays unprotected AAC music files from SD card slot

  • 2

    Incompatible with the Action Replay DS and Max Duo.

  • 1

    extremely wasteful packaging

  • 1

    The camera...not very strong...

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gbchaosmaster: #nintendo_dsi I cannot wait to get this. Planning to get soon, I'll write more then. Apr 16, 09
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Howlsthunder: #nintendo_dsi I've yet to spend much time with a DSi. The large screen and music functions are a big appeal to me but I don't have any use for a camera (especially one of such low quality) and my DS Lite is already *too* small for my hands for some games (MarioKart DS - I get cramps in my hands from all the power sliding). For me the biggest deal-breaker is the lack of a GBA game slot. I don't own a Game Boy Advance but I find myself purchasing a lot of GBA games so for me its fantastic to essentially have two handhelds in one (even if the DS cannot utilize any multiplayer functions in GBA games).

That said, if you already own a GBA or will never be interested in playing GBA games (or the very few DS games that use the GBA slot), I think the improvements on this DS are well worth it. Apr 16, 09
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