$45.00 Released January, 2008

Product Shot 1Dominion is a low-end card game created by Rio Grande Games. The purpose of the game is to gather the most valuable deck of cards. It features over 250 cards, and supports up to four players. The 250 cards of the game allow for a long duration of 30 minutes or more, and allow each player to compose new strategies with each hand.

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The game can be played with anywhere from two to four players, which makes players be more strategic, as they can never know what each opponent is planning. When compared to a similar game, Lost Cities, Dominion has more cards and a longer set-up time, but both games roughly last for the same amount of time.


  • 250 cards
  • Up to four players
  • 5-10 minute setup time
  • 30 minute duration
  • Construct decks during play
  • Players can upgrade decks during play
  • Kingdom cards that add new concepts to gameplay
  • Attack cards that force players to show their hand
  • Reaction cards to block attack cards
  • Curse cards to take away the opponents victory

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